How sustainability can create and protect value for businesses

CEOs have a major question to address: How can they make business work for sustainability, and make sustainability work for business?



Sustainability is one of the defining challenges of our lifetime. It is also the innovation opportunity of a generation – a chance to create long-term financial, consumer, human and societal value for all stakeholders. CEOs are increasingly embracing the business case for sustainability, where they create and protect value by accelerating their businesses toward a more sustainable future.

What does long-term, sustainable value really mean? As a term, sustainability is often used in the context of a company’s compliance with environmental regulations and its policies on decarbonization; but companies need to think about sustainability more broadly.

Topics discussed include:

  • Value-led sustainability
  • Purpose-led strategy
  • Sustainability transformation

Questions addressed include:

  • Why should businesses be proactive and decisive on their sustainability transformation journeys?
  • How can leaders make business work for sustainability, and make sustainability work for business to create and protect value?
  • What are three archetypes of successful sustainability transformation?

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Sep 14 2021


8:30 am - 9:30 am