How to Deliver an Exceptional End-to-End IT Experience

Virtual Boardroom



Today, ensuring a seamless employee experience and customer experience are the most important responsibilities of a CIO or CTO. AI, automation and real-time infrastructure and cloud monitoring all ensure that a CIO or CTO is able to deliver on these board-level priorities.

The COVID crisis shone a light on the indispensable role of technology in business continuity, with IT at the forefront, but as we slowly recover the pressure is now on for businesses to stay ahead against competitors by providing uninterrupted service and offerings.

How can modern businesses fight tool sprawl, balance the complexities of hybrid infrastructures, and still drive innovation? Observability — full visibility into and control over infrastructure, applications, networks, business systems and organizational data — plays a key role in ensuring businesses can deliver on market expectations.
Join LogicMonitor and other senior IT executives as we discuss how to achieve full-stack observability in order to deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Why Attend?

Join LogicMonitor and other senior IT executives in this session to discover:

– How to gain complete IT observability and control over the network to ensure an optimal IT user experience
– How to consolidate existing APM, monitoring and log tools to save on costs and improve business outcomes
– How AI and automation can be leveraged to repurpose existing team skillsets, rather than replace full time employees

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Nov 03 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am