How to manage a company remotely: the case study of the Canary Islands

In this event we will respond to questions like how to manage a team of freelancers, how to deal with taxes or pay for health insurance.



Working remotely is a new way of life that many of us have discovered during the pandemic. With an internet connection and remote equipment management tools we can manage our company or our clients without being in an office.

For many people might be a dream to live as a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker, or even to start a digital business and live in a sunny island, but many questions arise, like:

  • How to hire freelancers and how to manage a team of remote workers?
  • Where do I pay my taxes? and health insurance?
  • How long must I be residing in a country to pay taxes?
  • Can I work and live in a van while managing my clients and my team?
  • How to settle in a territory of the European Union and pay less taxes?


Our guest speaker, Josu Sanz, has been managing a company with remote employees and clients for more than 11 years while living in the sunniest spot in Europe during winter: the Canary Islands.

Josu Sanz is the author of the book Freelancer Manager: the profession of the future. He will eplain us the challenges he had to face while running a company with a team of digital nomads, the lessons he has learned and answer all these questions.

The event is finished.


Nov 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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