How to tackle pay gaps in the Berlin tech scene?

This is Open Space UX’s inaugural event tackling the uncomfortable topic of pay gaps in the Berlin tech scene.

What we will discuss in this roundtable?

This round table discussion includes four professionals from different backgrounds, ranging from recruitment, HR, career coaching, and head of product, who collectively have years of experience in the Berlin tech scene and elsewhere. Together we will be discussing perspectives on pay gaps in Berlin and current market trends, as well as sharing personal experiences and insights around how to value yourself, negotiate your worth, how to evaluate a company’s hiring processes, what factors to consider when evaluating companies to work for in Berlin, tips on putting pressure for salary transparency, and ways to become more aware of your own biases.

People who will benefit:

Junior-/Mid-/Senior-level UXers, UX mentors, UX leaders, UX students, people transitioning to the UX field, hiring managers, HR & recruitment, talent managers, career coaches, Berlin tech scene enthusiasts

Knowledge Takeaways:

Become more aware of pay gaps and what impact they have on different types of people

Learn how to start raising awareness & conversations about this in your own organisation & communities

Learn about what factors contribute to salary ranges in the Berlin tech scene

Get insight on how to research your value in the market & how to communicate it if you are transitioning careers or roles or just trying to level up

Acquire negotiation tips for your next opportunity

Understand your own biases and ways to take action to overcome them


Hang Vu Thi Thu – Outcomes Manager (Career Coach) at Ironhack Berlin

Isabel Podlinski – Head of Product at Formel Skin

Mirna Bley – Compensation & Benefits Manager at Delivery Hero

Rory Colgan – Product Design Recruiter at Red Sofa Berlin


The event is finished.


Jun 03 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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