Human AI Interaction: Best Practices and Tips



The goal of this seminar is to offer new ways of thinking about how AI will and has influenced humans, as well as how we might develop interactive intelligent systems that are useable and valuable to humans while still respecting human values.

A variety of AI-powered interactive technologies will be covered to help you discover what factors influence their usability for humans, learn where people fit into the data pipeline that drives machine learning, and how to think both optimistically and critically about what AI systems can and should achieve.

About the Lecturer:

Dr Morteza Saberi is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the School of Computer Science, UTS, Sydney. He has an outstanding research record and significant capabilities in the area of business intelligence, data mining and applied machine learning.

The event is finished.


Jun 08 2022


12:00 am - 2:00 am

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