Human-AI Teaming Through Warfighter-Centered Designs Workshop



This workshop will examine factors for creating effective team performance between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) through user-centered designs and systems. Within the context of multi-domain command and control operations, presenters and panelists will:

Identify key human-AI integration considerations, methods, approaches, design considerations, and other relevant research;

Identify gaps in knowledge on human-AI teaming necessary to achieve desired future mission capabilities; and

Identify promising human-AI teaming research opportunities to accelerate mission capability development.

Research on human-AI teaming methods; system design; shared situation awareness; AI transparency and explainability; AI trust and trustworthiness; AI and decision biases; human-AI teamwork, communication and collaboration; and processes, measures and metrics for human-AI integration will be included. Speakers include Robin Murphy, Joanna Bryson, Ben Shneiderman, Matthew Johnson, Jamie Gorman, Thomas O’Neill, Chris Wickens, Peter Hancock, Shane Mueller, and Tim Miller.
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Jul 28 - 29 2021


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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