Human-Carnivoran Interactions: Past, Present, and Future (hosted by The European Research Council)

The Human-Carnivoran Interactions symposium integrates past and present perspectives on carnivores and humans.




Large carnivorans and humans are joined by a Pleistocene-old imbroglio of fear, competition, domestication and extinction. In the last decades, the importance of large carnivorans in maintaining ecosystem integrity and functional diversity has given a hopeful, inspiring twist to those long relations.


The ‚ÄúHuman-Carnivoran interactions: past, present, and future‚ÄĚ symposium will focus on that Archimedean point between the past and future of human relations with carnivorans. The one-day event will include papers aiming to provide a broad perspective on paleobiological and conservation/restoration related issues, aiming to integrate past and present perspectives on carnivores and humans.

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Jun 09 2022


7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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