Human Enactment of Intelligent Technologies: Towards Mètis and Mindfulness

Human Enactment of Intelligent Technologies: Towards Mètis and Mindfulness
Dr W. David Holford (University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada)



Will AI take away professional jobs such as accounting, finance, engineering design and so on? How can we adapt in these techno-centric days? Our speaker will demystify what AI is, examine its strength and limitations in comparison to what humans are capable of and investigate the nature of human adaptive expertise across the concept of mètis, which is about adaptive expertise.

David will examine a particular family of mindsets that we as humans have adopted over the ages, namely epistemologies of representational knowledge. These representational perspectives have followed us into numerous fields, including how we perceive and comprehend human cognition. As such, this book presents the alternative phenomenological viewpoint of embodied direct reality within the cognitive sciences in the form of radical embodied cognition, and more importantly, how it allows us to better highlight and comprehend human mètis and its adaptive expertise. It concludes by examining current top-of-the-horizon activities and debates regarding quantum physics in relation to the human mind and AI, and how once again, representational mindsets need not be the ‘only tool in town’.

The event is finished.


Nov 29 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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