HumanDebt™ – What is it and Why it’s More Dangerous than Technical Debt (Prople Before Tech)



A discussion about the importance of empowered teams doing the people work first even before delivery and operational work so that they can become and stay Psychologically Safe and therefore highly competitive. There are practical things that teams can and should do at their own “bubble level” so that they stimulate positive behaviours and inhibit negative behaviours that hold them back and in this talk, we’ll look at what the science teaches us about Psychological Safety, what those good fearless, speaking-up behaviours are, and what Impression Management is and how it stops us from bringing our best selves with examples of actions and anecdotes from the “People Before Tech” book and from working with tens of teams in the Psychological Safety Dashboard performance work tool.”

The event is finished.


Jan 06 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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