iCubed Seminar: Outage Prediction for Energy & Utilities with IBM

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Guest Speakers:

  • Gurkanwar Singh, Data Scientist in the AI Applications group, IBM; and M.S. in Data Science Alumni, Columbia (2019)
  • Harini Srinivasan, Senior Technical Staff Member at the Weather Company division, IBM Watson

Moderated By: Jessica Rodriguez, Industry Engagement and Outreach Officer, The Data Science Institute

Outage Prediction for Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utility companies spend billions of dollars every year restoring power outages, majority of which are weather related. Climate change is creating more frequent and longer lasting power outages and making it harder to predict everyday weather events. IBM’s Outage Prediction is an automated and customizable cloud-based solution powered by machine learning predictive models, cutting-edge weather and other relevant data to enable Utilities to better predict and manage outages caused by weather conditions. The rarity and diversity of weather events and the large range of outages presents unique challenges in various phases of model building – feature engineering, model training, model evaluation and model selection. We discuss best in class approaches to optimize all relevant parameters and continuously improve model performance to deliver accurate actionable results for our clients, enabling them to mitigate effects of climate change.


Gurkanwar Singh is a Data Scientist in the AI Applications group at IBM. He’s passionate about using AI and ML to enable businesses to prepare better for adverse weather conditions. Previously he has worked as an analyst in the credit card industry and is a proud alumnus of Columbia DSI.

Harini Srinivasan is a Senior Technical Staff Member at the Weather Company division of IBM Watson. She manages a team of data scientists that brings weather-based solutions to clients across multiple industries. Her focus is to build innovative solutions bringing actionable insights for IBM clients.

Opportunities for students: Explore careers at IBM here.

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Nov 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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