IEEE/RJS IROS 2021 Standardised Software Frameworks for Robotics in Nuclear

Standardised Software Frameworks for Robotics in Nuclear. Part of the IROS 2021 Conference.



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Robots are increasingly being looked to as potential solutions to help address challenges within the nuclear industry in terms of clean-up of accident sites, decommissioning of legacy facilities, and maintenance of future fusion power plants and scientific experiments. This is, however, not the intended use of the majority of existing industrial devices and hence there is a significant gap between commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) robotics and the requirement. Frequently, these operations last for several decades, in which the requirements evolve significantly leading to requirements for reconfiguration and modifications and hence significant costs.

A number of initiatives are being actively investigated in order to bring together software frameworks, standards, and architectures that are designed from the outset to promote flexible, modular, future-proof deployment of robotic devices and systems in order to reduce these through-life costs. There are, however many outstanding challenges.


The invited speakers come from either a strong nuclear background or from a diverse academic background of software engineering, software architecture, requirements engineering, validation and verification, human-robot interaction, nuclear safe robotics, cyber security, modular / reconfigurable robotics, data models, communications, and autonomy.

Main Organiser

Dr Ipek Caliskanelli, Research Engineer UK Atomic Energy Authority & Remote Applications in Challenging Environments Institute

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Sep 27 2021


10:10 am - 12:10 pm

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