Increasing Digital Asset Adoption While Reducing Risk

Hear experts discuss how to increase and measure digital asset adoption while decreasing security, fraud and other risks



In 2021 we have seen the world continue to increase digital and mobile use even as we saw COVID related constraints relax at times. Digital asset activity peaked, waned a bit, and is again on the rise. With the influx of new investors, the crypto industry continues to adjust to increasing demands. In this session we’ll discuss how the industry continues to promote adoption while minimizing the risks.

From your perspective, what has changed in the market in the last 6 months? What has remained the same? Do you see trends or differences among types of users (e.g. Android/iOS, gender, age, regions of the world)?

How is your project or company promoting digital asset adoption? What are the metrics of adoption you’re using?

What specific projects do you see are effectively promoting digital asset adoption? What are their strategies? How are you measuring growth?

What regulation identifies the risks that financial and crypto providers should address to protect people and their assets? How can individuals, crypto providers and financial companies protect themselves and their customers?

How is your project or company measuring and mitigating security and fraud risks? How are you seeing other companies and projects mitigate security risk?

Tegan Kline, Co-Founder Edge and Node, Business Lead of The Graph Protocol
Tavonia Evans, Founder, Guapcoin
Elaine Song, Director of Ecosystem, Hedera Hashgraph
Karen Hsu, Co-Founder, Blockchain by Women; Chief Marketing Officer, Appdome

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Aug 25 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm