Innovative Skills for Success: Finding Solutions Using Creativity

Enhance your Soft Skills & Learn to Apply The Latest Innovation Frameworks



This webinar will explain the attributes of creative people and the techniques for releasing our own natural creativity. Creative people adventure, explore and take risks and will give many responses to questions. Creativity comes from Imagination and unconventional approaches and releases when we think freely and unlock the subconscious mind. We’re born creative but daily work removes the freedom to be creative. We can restore creativity through activities such as theatre, writing, music and painting. Techniques for finding creative solutions are outlined. This need in business has been borne out by research such as the IBM CEO Survey and PWC CEO survey.

About this workshop series

This webinar series will help you understand the primary competencies for Future of Jobs, how they link together, and how they ultimately enable the skill of Problem Solving for Innovation, which is the opening session. Each skill will be treated as a stand-alone session, which will also show its linkage to the other skills. ‘Leadership’ will be addressed in the final session and will show

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Sep 21 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm