InReal-Time 06: SpatialBirth Digital Art

Join us to experience new ways to meet people and discuss digital art surrounded by amazing virtual architecture InReal-Time.



This event is produced by
In Real-Time is a monthly event series in VR, gathering the movers and shakers, creators and pioneers around virtual architecture and immersive experiences through exhibitions, talks, demos and workshops.

The aim is to share and showcase art and design in virtual reality with the accessibility of the web, using the platform Mozilla hubs. This is the sixth in the series of many events to come within an immersive virtual environment designed by

What to expect?
Each event brings new insights on what works and what doesn’t in regards of UX and spatial design for the Metaverse.

Act 01 – Meta2 Gallery
The perfect space for an artist exhibition, a talk or what else?

Act 02 – Meta1 Venue
Our brand new space-child, a more intimate venue. How would you use it?

Act 03 – Spatial Transmutation
Party Time
Let’s have fun and discuss architecture, spatial design, art andother use-cases InReal-Time.

The event is finished.


Jul 27 2021


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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