Intelligent Automation & RPA Project Success in the Public Sector

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Intelligent Automation & RPA Project Success in the Public Sector



The first of our three-part automation webinar series provides delegates with an insight into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – a proven technology in freeing up critical time and improving operational efficiencies across the public sector. The recent digital-first focus on UK health and citizen services has supercharged demand on automation, and in this session, you will learn more about exactly what RPA is, and its versatile capabilities across stand-alone projects from data integration to system synchronisation.

During part one, we also explore how an RPA workforce combined with cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can skillfully manage deeply complex digital processes, relieving some of the decision-making burden with smart practices, allowing teams to focus on more impactful human-focused tasks.

The session closes with an expert-led discussion focused on the RPA implementation journey, identifying the art-of-the-possible and diving into the fundamental mechanics of successfully identifying and delivering projects. We’ll share our A-Z methodology for implementing a successful project Рone that has supported many Public Sector organisations in deploying RPA at scale.

Why not join us for the webinar where we will discuss;

Exactly what RPA and AI are, and the key roles in Intelligent Automation – how a digital workforce can be used to maximise efficiencies across the breadth of your organisation and levelling up for smarter practices.

The key steps for identifying a suitable project candidate for RPA technology and how to deliver a successful RPA project, the perceived challenges, and the benefits.

Our A-Z automation project methodology, an evolution of 40 years in the business of automation.

Starting small and accelerating RPA projects, including tips for storyboarding in collaboration with your IT department.

Finally, it’s your chance to ask questions to our digital expert.

Why attend?

Designed exclusively for public sector professionals, you will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of RPA, AI and IA backed by NDL’s 40-years of business transformation in the public sector.

With increased demand on public services, everyday, automation technology is securely managing process-based tasks in the background, freeing up teams to focus on impactful people-centric work. This session provides real-life learnings from our customers, allowing you to gather ideas from your peers to take back to your organisation.

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Mar 01 2022


6:00 am - 6:45 am

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