Intelligent Operations: Harnessing the Power of Embedded AI

Intelligent Operations: Harnessing the Power of Embedded AI



Enterprises today stand amidst the largest wave in the industrial revolution, which will be powered by AI. There is a clear difference in performance between organizations using simple analytics and those who embrace predictive and prescriptive insights enabled by AI embedded into their systems and processes providing actionable intelligence for decisive outcomes.

While AI promises that businesses will gain computational power the practical and effective application of AI begins with data. Industries have started to capitalize on their data, bridging the gap by embedding AI into their operations ensuring ecosystem resilience.

Businesses are just starting to understand the potential of embedded AI, especially when AI is combined with automation. As firms move up the technology curve, we see the successful deployment of hundreds and even thousands of systems embedded with AI models to hyper-scale.

Confirmed Speakers:

Anil Gopinathan, VP – Engineering, Digital Controls & Software Development, Trane

Gavin Streather, Sr. Director, Global Engineering System, GKN Driveline

Vino Kingston, Sr. Manager – Data Platforms, Architecture, BI & Analytics, Lockheed Martin

Key Discussion Areas:

What could be the end-to-end guide for organizations planning to monetize their data to build AI-powered automation solutions?

What are the benefits of embedded AI in increasing asset efficiency and productivity?

What are the best industry practices across verticals embedding AI-based data solutions for operational excellence?

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Aug 05 2021


11:00 am - 12:15 pm

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