Intro to Malware Analysis for Cybersecurity: Workshop | Online

Interested in cybersecurity, but don’t know where to start? Let Flatiron School and SecureSet Academy introduce you to the basics.



With the recent spike of malicious software (malware) attacks, security teams are overwhelmed, and their adversaries only continue to get smarter and more creative.

Using malware analysis, incident responders and security analysts can more efficiently detect, triage and mitigate potential threats and gain valuable insights about malware behavior for future threat hunting.

In this beginner-friendly workshop hosted by Flatiron School, learn about the different techniques and stages of malware analysis and how they’re used by cybersecurity professionals to improve security.

Whether you’re curious about a career in cybersecurity or just interested in learning how to protect yourself, our Cybersecurity for Beginners series is the perfect place for cyber n00bs to get familiar with the basics.

Please plan to log in promptly, and come ready with questions!

About the Hosts

Flatiron School and SecureSet Academy have joined forces to address the worldwide cybersecurity skills gap. Better together, we are able to provide access to immersive cybersecurity education for students all over the world, as well as the career coaching people need to succeed in the cybersecurity industry.

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Oct 14 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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