Intro to XR Series for Female Entrepreneurs

This workshop series is for female entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring virtual & augmented reality.



The Intro to XR Series will introduce the topics of virtual and augmented reality by exploring the technology, the industry, the development process, and  exploring applicable, real-world use cases.
This series is for female business owners and female entrepreneurs who may be able to benefit from XR technology or content, technologists and  software developers looking to become XR content creators, or anyone interested in gaining a general understanding of this new field.


1. Intro to Virtual Reality
– An exploration of VR technology from how it works to how it can be used.
2. Intro to Augmented Reality
– An exploration of AR technology from how it works to how it can be used.
3. XR for Industry: Developing a Use Case
– An interactive, instructor-guided session where participants can apply their understanding of VR  and AR to work together to develop and pitch an application that provides a new solution or  service with a real-world application.
4. XR Development: Where to Start
– Targeted at participants interested in creating their own content or gaining a deeper  understanding of the development process, this session will focus on the software and workflows used in the industry.

The event is finished.


Nov 09 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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