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Join us for November’s workshop as Ben Kadel presents an Introduction to Git!



Tech Nomads is a monthly meetup where you can connect with others interested in programming and the tech industry. The meetups will give you an opportunity network, share ideas, learn from each other and write some code.

This month’s event is an Introduction to Git workshop run by Ben Kadel.

In preparation for this workshop please create a GitHub account and ensure that you have git installed by following these instructions.

About Ben Kadel

Currently I am a Senior Android Developer at Babbel (Language learning app) based in Berlin, however I also have a deep passion for collaboration, learning & sharing. Thus I have pushed myself to always be learning & in that journey I discovered not only a love for FOSS (Free & Open source software) but also a huge respect & obsession with the Unix CLI tools (like Git). When I am not sitting at a desk coding, I am giving presentations/tutorials at conferences, schools & universities in order to help others find their way on their own journey’s in the Tech industry & attempt to give back to a community that has always be instrumental to my career & success. I also run a YouTube channel where I create videos to try to break down complicated tech topics (such as Git) into entertaining & understandable chunks to enable everyone to truly grasp a topic, after all technology is for everyone, so everyone should have the chance to understand how to properly wield it!

Find Ben on YouTube, Twitter, SuperPeer, and GitHub.

The event is finished.


Nov 29 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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