Introduction to soft skills – why are employability skills so important?

Understand why employers look for a balanced skill set across both soft/employability skills and hard/technical skills.



In this lecture you’ll understand the definition of soft/employability skills and become more aware of why they’re so important in the workplace.

You’ll also understand how we develop our skills, look at some brief external videos which are used to back-up key learnings and have some questions to consider about yourself as you receive and complete your own “Record of Achievement and Learning Log” (optional).

You’ll also receive a 5 page PDF summary with most of the content discussed on the training to refer back to.

The learning objectives are to:

1. Understand the definitions of a range of soft/employability skills.

2. Explore soft/employability skill in detail, answering “what does good look like?”

3. Consider what it all means for you and what you might want to do differently in future

The event is finished.


Jul 05 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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