Introduction to the People Framework for Digital Transformation & Leadership Mindset Shift

Becoming a practitioner in the people framework for digital transformation will allow you to do just that…shift people’s thinking and behaviours towards change.



Is digital transformation challenged by people – specifically leaders around you?

If you were able to help shift the mindset and behaviour of leaders would you see measurable shifts in digital transformation?

This free introduction webinar is for digital specialists in project management, change management, learning & development, organisational development and design, executive coaching, digital transformation and technology. Any area that touches on digital change or transformation. In this brief but packed FREE 45 min introduction you will learn about The People Framework for Digital Transformation and why it’s important to include as part of any digital change, digital design or digital transformation.

About this Event

Hear from the global expert in The People Framework for Digital Transformation give an overview of what the framework is, how important it is to every business today and how you can think about how change flows and is reliant on the mindset and behaviour of people around you.

Mel Ross, your host, will provide you with an overview that also includes our unique online profiling tool which identifies areas of shift within the leadership mindset and behaviours of our system or project.

The corporate world and public services globally have accelerated digital transformation efforts since the COVID 19 pandemic announcement in March 2020. Market analysts and researchers estimate digital transformation has accelerated by up to 10 years in some sectors and countries. However, one thing remains a challenge – leadership.

Are we heading for a leadership crisis?

Leadership participation in digital transformation is still below the requirement needed to engage shift and create flow throughout the culture.

With the relentlessness of change in technology, data and behavioural expectations – it is critical that every change agent and leader in the organisation is self-aware, confident and actively able to drive digital transformation to lead us towards a brighter future.

Join this introduction to the people framework for digital transformation to find out how using this framework could just be the answer to the biggest challenge you face in digital transformation.

It is possible. This framework unlocks the blockages at a leadership level that thwart successful digital transformation and change.

We know people are the biggest challenge to digital transformation success

We know that culture consists of the collective energy, motivations and behaviours of multiple groups of people

Shifting this energy, building motivation and changing behaviours, we can start think as well as do things differently. Both keys to successful digital transformation…and it all starts with leaders and you!

Should digital transformation be seen in terms of projects or programs or behavioural shifts at a people level?

Explore this and other questions that keep hindering your success around digital change and transformation.

This free session will introduce you to the People Framework for Digital Transformation – and start to put a lens onto how we can help leaders adopt a different way of thinking and behaving: It’s about three areas;

Your own power in building followership as a role model – Unlock your leadership qualities an ability to shift thinking and behaviour more effectively around and above you

The frameworks importance in any digital change effort – Become aware of a framework that can help you shift mindset and behaviour at a leadership level and ultimately at a cultural level

How to help shift leadership mindsets – Understanding specific techniques and also learning about some key focus areas for leadership training.

You will also hear about how becoming a practitioner of the framework gives you access to the unique tools and products that allow you to Assess what needs shifting and where – as well as how to start that shift and more importantly make it stick.

The event is finished.


Jun 15 2021


1:30 am - 2:15 am

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