Is Smart Transportation The Future of Sustainable Cities?

A webinar on the effectiveness of smart transportation as sustainable transportation systems



Dr Mohsen Mohammadzadeh, The University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning, Future Cities Research Hub

Soon Will Be Too Late: do disruptive mobility technologies generate dystopia?

There is a pervasive perception among academics and professionals that the emerging mobility technologies will address the existing urban issues such as mitigating traffic congestion, and pollutions. This research argues that the impacts of emerging mobility technologies such as Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs), Autonomous Delivery Robots, and online sharing platforms on cities would be significant. However, these technologies may exacerbate the existing urban problems. The research argues that the implementation of adequate plans and policies are crucial to maximise the benefits and mitigate the adverse impacts of these mobility technologies in cities.

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Nov 02 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm