ITKAN Virtual Meeting: Virtual Reality Open Campus of Virbela

Join us on 6/9 to experience Virbela’s open virtual campus.



Join us for Virtual Green Drinks June: Introducing the EV Experience. The EV Experience is an innovative electric vehicle promotion program that aims to break down barriers to shift the perception of electric vehicles in Ottawa. The project will increase access to electric vehicle test drives, add electric vehicles to Ottawa’s car share fleet, and provide a one-stop website with up-to-date information for all audiences, including communities typically underserved by electric vehicle education. Coordinated by Ottawa-based environmental not-for-profit EnviroCentre, EV Experience is the result of a strong partnership among local organizations committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our city: the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa, Communauto, The City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa, and SMARTNet Alliance.

In order to meet our climate targets the City projects that 90% of all new vehicles sold must be zero emissions by 2030, a target that is in line with the federal mandate to reach 100% zero-emission vehicles sales by 2035. While those ambitious targets are still a long way off, the transition is underway. The EV Experience aims to be a key driver in moving more of Ottawa’s vehicles to electric. The program will provide a one-stop information source through a dedicated website and EV test drive booking tool. The program will also provide Ottawa residents the chance to test drive an electric vehicles at events across the region.

During Green Drinks June we will hear from some of the key stakeholders and partners in the program. Opening remarks will be made by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund’s Executive Director Steve Winkleman. Following these remarks, Stewart Slaymaker, the Sustainable Transportation Manager at EnviroCentre will give us an overview of the program and a glimpse of the website. Following Stewart we will get a quick update from The City of Ottawa’s Mitchell House. Mitchell will detail some of the key initiatives the City is undertaking to help spur the widespread adoption of EVs. Next up we will hear from Communauto’s Project Lead, Wilson Wood. Wilson will detail the work he is doing to help electrify the car sharing service’s fleet as well as the role they will play in the program. Following Wilson we will hear Hydro Ottawa’s Manager of Assets, Margaret Flores. She will highlight initiatives that Hydro Ottawa has undertaken to better understand the impact of EV penetration in Hydro Ottawa’s distribution system including details of the EV Everywhere project being done in partnership with BluWave-ai. Last up we welcome Mike Banks and Raymond Leury from the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa. Mike will speak about what EVs are currently available on the market and which are coming down the pipe. If you’re looking to get into an EV sooner rather than later Mike will give you tips on which are the best. After Mike, Raymond Leury will wrap up the event by giving us a deeper look at the EV Experience program including which makes and models will be available for test drive and where you can expect to see the Ev Experience this summer and fall.

The event is finished.


Jun 09 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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