IV HealthTech & PharmaTech Investment Conference

Connecting the Healthcare and Pharma Innovations & Technologies with International Investors.




An online platform that aims to contribute in developing innovations & technologies in the pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry via putting together the startups and the investors face to face.

Watching currently the status of health care industry in different part of the World and watching the huge impact of Corona Virus on the World economy will prove the ultimate value for further investments in Healthcare field.

No doubt that the healthcare sector is vast, and there are many large and small companies to choose from in various industries. The conference is a great opportunity to view starting up technology development of the coming period. This Investment conference defines the trends and developments of the Healthcare & pharmaceutical industry for years to come. The global reach of any disease, is making the sector and by default our event an International. All startups and investors ,from whatever region they come from, will find the right audience in this event.

This event is for you, if you are planning an investment or would like to upgrade your knowledge about new market trends. This online event is for you as well , if you are looking for a hands-on partner to work through important issues or challenges in healthcare, or if you are primarily looking for capital to enable expansion of your existing business

The Conference is open basically for Investors and Capital organisation looking for opportunities in Healthcare Field.

The scope of this HealthTech and PharmTech includes Clinical practices, Smart Apps, Clinical innovations, Medical Researches and Pharmaceuticals.

It’s The Startup Club platform for Startups, Healthcare expertise, CEOs, Investors, and Entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in the Global Healthcare field and to power big ideas and new technologies that will empower Human’s life.

The event is finished.


Oct 06 2021


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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