LATIN AMERICA Scikit-learn Open Source Sprint (hosted by Data Umbrella)

Learn how to contribute to scikit-learn open source.

Data Umbrella has organized this sprint to increase the participation of folks from the ** LATIN AMERICA ** region in scikit-learn and open source.



This sprint is a 4-hr online hackathon where folks will work with a pair programming partner to work on one of the issues (beginner-friendly) on the scikit-learn repository.

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— FAQs —

Q: If I am not in Latin America, can I still apply and participate?

A: Priority will be given to folks in the Latin America region. If there are open spots, we will open it up to other regions. In the meantime, we have resources available to all to get started in contributing to scikit-learn. Check them out here:

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available in this related tweet

The event is finished.


Jun 26 2021


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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