Leading Digital Transformation with Storytelling

Fear and anxiety are commonly associated emotions with digital transformation in an organisational setting. Especially, when we have to transform because there is no choice. COVID-19 didn’t leave many organisations with the choice to transform at their desired pace.

After being involved in a 27 million dollar project on artificial intelligence and running a smart factory project, I have learnt how stories can help organisations shift the focus from fear to forge forward with digital transformation.




This webinar is designed to help you learn how stories help organisations digitally transform.
3 key takeaways :

Through real life examples of digital transformation that Anjali has helped her clients with, she will share ;

Where in the process of digital transformation is our opportunity to story-tell

What kind of stories you need to tell for a successful digital transformation

How to tell the stories to achieve the desired-outcome

The event is finished.


Aug 27 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am

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