Leveraging Digital Technology: The Cutting Edge in Conservation

Brent Fortenberry details the innovative implications of digital technologies involved at the forefront of conservation work.




Leveraging Digital Technology for More Impactful Historic Buildings Research and Management

Digital technology such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, and aerial survey, are becoming increasingly common in the fields of architecture and allied fields of the built environment. Digital technology promises faster, more accurate ways to capture and represent historic building information. While much of this work relates to dynamic visualizations with manipulatable 3D models for public consumption, digital technology offers an important opportunity to better the ways that we document, interpret, and manage historic structures buildings and landscapes. Using case studies from the American South, Bermuda, and Jamaica this talk explores the new methodologies that scholars and practitioners of everyday historic buildings utilize to enhance their work.

Case studies show how these tools provide (1) digital visualization with deeper insights into the idiosyncrasies of historic buildings, (2) new avenues for capturing previously inaccessible historic building information, (3) more rich and dynamic historic building information modeling. Together, these areas of development push forward the professional and academic study of everyday buildings, allowing stakeholders to better celebrate the historic built environment with ever-increasing accuracy and speed.

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Nov 02 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm