Leveraging power of Intelligent Edge for real-time data driven governance

Learn how enterprises can adapt and consistently deliver better & safer experiences for citizens, businesses, and other government entities.

The world is evolving into an intelligent on-demand era. Citizens today want seamless and real-time access to government applications, and edge computing is perfectly suited for addressing the data-driven needs of government departments.




Edge computing allows government agencies to move processing power as close to the user as possible, which is great for reducing latency and for providing citizens quicker access. Massive amount of data generated at the Edge by the various IoT devices enables government agencies to provide better citizen services like improving traffic related conditions, reducing energy consumption and providing real-time information availability.

However, while edge computing promises transformational capabilities, it also presents many challenges. With more data generated at the edge, most enterprises are struggling to resolve issues. Troubleshooting takes a lot of time, and securing and monitoring devices is challenging.

To intelligently harness the power of the edge, a robust network architecture with a secure and centralized management capability is crucial. To explore importance of an advanced network and security solutions for good governance, Express Computer has partnered with global leader, Aruba, to create a focused event on how enterprises can adapt and consistently deliver better and safer experiences for citizens, businesses, and other government entities.

Attend this webinar to understand how you can:

+ Gain contextual visibility and capability to connect, protect, analyze and act using a single console

+ Improve IT operations with a cloud-native single pane of glass management for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN

+ Architect a modern SD-WAN that aligns network resources to the changing needs of the citizen services

+ Achieve consistent application performance under any network conditions using an adaptive self-learning platform

+ Leverage emerging technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 to improve network speed, flexibility and reliability

+ Optimize your WAN for State Wide Area Networks (SWAN) and State Data Centers (SDCs)

+ Implement a Zero Trust Security framework that offers rigorous controls and enforcements to centrally manage who and what can connect to the networks

The event is finished.


Jul 23 2021


5:30 am - 6:30 am

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