Leveraging Traditional and Alternative Data in Investigations

Lacey Keller will explore the myriad of ways data mining and analytics can be beneficial to fraud and forensic accounting investigations.




How many times has one email or correspondence broken your case wide open? Imagine the magnitude of evidence you could develop if that same data was analyzed on a grander scale and combined with other data sources to illuminate patterns and uncover trends. In this session, we explore the myriad of ways data mining and analytics can be beneficial to investigations. Beyond traditional source of data, such as spreadsheets and tables, lie valuable alternative data sources. Examples of such sources include (but are not limited to) document metadata, communications, security swipes, Internet of Things (IoT) logs and geotagged/coordinated data. Synthesizing this disparate information to develop a fact pattern or support an essential narrative can be cumbersome if done by hand. By utilizing data science techniques, however, we can leverage a multitude of large and unwieldy datasets in a relatively short amount of time, while leaving no stone unturned. This training will introduce you to the basic concepts of analyzing traditional and alternative data in support of real-life investigations.

About the Speaker

Lacey Keller was previously a Managing Director with Gryphon Strategies and has over a decade of research, analytics, and data experience. In her previous position, Lacey advised financial and law firms on how best to use traditional and alternative data for investments and investigations. Lacey is currently retained as an expert witness in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation and related cases.

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Mar 01 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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