Life Changing Technology Mastermind Group

Imagine having a mobile app which would test your personality in 17 seconds from 65,536 possible personality types. We are building one!



We are currently building the mobile app…Life GPS…and invite you to join in and learn more about it….learn how we are building it….and mastermind with us on ideas about it!

What This Mobile App Is All About:

Personal:¬†Imagine . . . learning deeply about your and others’ personalities / frequencies and how to better LEVERAGE your strengths to achieve success in every area of life you value.

Business:¬†Imagine . . . only taking 17 seconds to identify someone’s personality and based on their personality knowing how to better communicate, connect, present, and/or work together as a team.

Community: Imagine . . . having the ability to create groups from all aspects of your life empowering everyone to better connect and work together for the mutual benefit of the group, the community, and each individual within the group.

The event is finished.


Jun 09 2022


7:30 am - 8:00 am

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