Linqto Learn: August – Private Investment in Pre-IPO Companies in Fintechs

Monthly Linqto Learn – August – Private Investments in Pre-IPO Companies in Fintechs



The world of investment has seen a big shift in the last year – a boom of value creation in the private secondaries market. As a previously very inaccessible market (the pre-IPO market), due to it being a space infamously reserved only for the large qualified institutional buyers, this is therefore new, somewhat uncharted territory with ample ripe opportunity for the accredited investor. This means now having a stake in a fast growing business can be achieved over your morning coffee. Why should you care? 2020 was a fantastic year for IPOs, it saw almost double the amount in comparison to 2019, and today the tech unicorn number is circa 504 with an aggregate value of $1.6tn. The market is ripe for a picking, but the billion dollar question is how to spot the emerging unicorns.

This is why for our upcoming Linqto Learn we’re placing three exceptional individuals together to discuss ‘need to know’ Pre-IPO fintech and blockchain companies; Bill Sarris (Founder of Linqto), Matthew Le Merle (Manager of Blockchain Coinvestors) and Greg Kidd (CEO and co-founder of GlobalID). All three have different insights, perspectives and knowledge, which lends for a condensed cognitive conversation.

First off is Matthew Le Merle, a best-selling published author of several books on investing, innovation and the future. Matthew runs Blockchain Coinvestors, a blockchain venture fund of funds, which is invested in the top 25 blockchain VCs globally, meaning they’re invested in circa 400 blockchain companies and projects. Our second speaker is Greg Kidd. Greg was one of the first ten people at Ripple as well as cofounding Twitter and Square.

He was the first investor in Coinbase, an early investor in Robinhood and a host of others including Linqto and Uphold. He is currently founder and CEO of GlobalID. Last, but certainly not least, we have Bill Sarris, our co-founder and CEO here at Linqto, the brains behind deciding there was a need and a demand for a more democratised system.

This discussion aims to help us break out of the echo chambers that so often surround ‘fintech’ and ‘blockchain’. We will discuss what is noise and what is signal, but also witness that not all great minds think alike

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Aug 24 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm