LISTEN UP! Doing Corporate Citizenship Better, Together – AUGUST 2021

Male allies in the workplace: What is the effect on the men?



“Allyship is increasingly promoted as a tool to support gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace” and “male allyship toward women can be a useful expression of men’s positive/caring masculinity.

But there is very little empirical research examining the effect on men when they act as allies in the workplace.

This month’s guest on the show, Dr. Meg Warren, “had a hunch that the actions of individual male allies – even through simple acts such as highlighting the strengths of female colleagues or checking in on their well-being – might serve as a counterweight to the negative effects of everyday sexism. But not only that, we decided to study how that might impact men as well.”

It turns out that “men who were more likely to act as allies to women reported proportionately higher levels of personal growth and were more likely to say they acquired skills that made them better husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. This tendency suggests the possibility that being a male ally creates positive ripple effects that extend beyond the workplace.” Read the full article here.

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Aug 11 2021


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