Listening Therapy: Shaping the Hearing Healthcare Beyond Hearing Technology

Overview of how to improve listening with or without the hearing technology- what, why and how of the hearing/listening therapy!



Audiology Planet is proud to bring you this great webinar in collaboration with Cardiff Hearing and Audiology Specialist Care on what, why and how of the hearing/listening therapy.

This webinar will provide you an overview of how to improve your client’s listening with or without the hearing technology. As audiologist, we know that the ear is just a carrier of the sound. The action happens in the brain. A listening brain can be improved with sustained, systematic practice. This will result in better outcome of the clients who come to seek help with their hearing in your clinics.

We will discuss the scientific principles of what, why and how of the listening therapies. In particular, we will have international expert joining the panel to talk about an exciting new, easy to use, listening therapy regime called LACE. The panel will discuss the clinical and business model of using LACE in your busy practice to improve clients’ outcome and satisfaction.

We will briefly speak about a project initiated by Jay Jindal on how individual audiologists can participate in an anonymous, ongoing, time-efficient research project to improve clinical practice and build evidence.


1. Ms Sonja Jones, Cardiff Hearing

2. Ms Rachel Knappett, Audiology Specialist Care

3. Ms Alana Christou, LACE


1. Dr Jay Jindal Au.D., Audiology Planet

The event is finished.


Dec 13 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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