Living with AI: should machines make decisions for us? (SFI Center for Research Training in Machine Learning)

Panel discussion

Algorithms are increasingly making important decisions for and about us: what ads or news we are exposed to, whether or not we are shortlisted for a job interview, the interest rate we are offered, whether or not we are granted bail, what happens next when an autonomous vehicle detects a pedestrian running into the road, or whether a weaponized drone will decide if an individual is a civilian or not. The implications of this – positive, negative and in-between – will be discussed by an expert international panel:

Dr. Margaret Mitchell (Industrial AI Researcher, At Large)

Prof. Eugenia Siapera (Professor, University College Dublin)

Prof. Vincent Conitzer (Head of Technical AI Engagement, Institute of Ethics in AI)

Dr. Susan Leavy (Lecturer, University College Dublin)

Marie Boran (PhD Researcher and Technology Journalist)


The event is finished.


Jun 10 2021


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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