LJC: Why you should care about Model-Driven Engineering

Join us as Steffen Zschaler presents Why you should care about Model-Driven Engineering




Model-Driven Engineering has been around for some time, but as a developer should you care about it and why? In this talk, I will introduce the key ideas of MDE, show you where you are already doing MDE and discuss some of the broader opportunities for the future

About the Speaker

Steffen Zschaler is a Reader in Software Engineering in the Department of Informatics at King’s College London. He has been teaching and researching software engineering and model-driven engineering for almost two decades. He is the director of MDENet, the expert network on model-driven engineering (see http://www.mde-network.org for more information). His current research interests are in the application of MDE to the development of agent-based models and in the application of search-based optimisation techniques in the context of MDE.

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Jan 13 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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