LOGIC MAGAZINE: Freer Futures (How do we democratize technology?)

How do we democratize technology? How can we develop better models for developing, owning, and organizing the infrastructures of our lives?




Please join Logic Magazine for an online panel devoted to exploring these questions. We’ll be joined by the following Logic contributors:

+ Sarah T. Hamid is the policing tech campaign lead at the Carceral Tech Resistance Network, co-founder of the Prison Tech Research Group, and sits on the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Oregon.

+ Rodrigo Ochigame is a PhD candidate at MIT and an incoming assistant professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

+ RK Upadhya is an engineer in the energy and resources sector, currently working at an electric utility in Texas.

+ Aaron Benanav is a researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin and the author of Automation and the Future of Work

Moderated by Logic co-founder Ben Tarnoff.

LOGIC celebrates Issue 13


The internet was invented for the purpose of redistribution: to move computing power from one place to another. Today, the cloud both has and has not fulfilled this dream. On the one hand, users anywhere can borrow cycles from servers deep in the forests of Oregon or high on the mountains of Guizhou. On the other, those servers belong to just a handful of companies. Data analytics and machine learning have made it possible to optimize supply chains linking every part of the world. But they have not spread production or profits evenly. As blockchain evangelists aim to distribute trust, and distributed-cognition theorists describe a world of matter vibrating with consciousness, this issue will explore the distributive aspects of digital technologies. New futures are always arriving; they are never evenly distributed.

The event is finished.


Jul 17 2021


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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