Lunch and Learn: Hong Kong & Singapore Fintech Talent Competition

APAC HR industry leaders virtual lunch and learn discussing the future of fintech talent development



The FinTech industry has been identified as one of the players rapidly growing at the post- COVID-19 economic recovery. And while the west has been the banking industry leader, Asia is now taking the leads when it comes to Fintech with Hong Kong and Singapore being the hubs.

Consequently, fintech talent is in high demand in the two competing cities. Professionals in this space are required to keep up with the highly innovative environment, and require strong relevant technical skills with the ability to apply all of them to their financial industry needs.

Building strategy to both attract and retain quality fintech professionals has become the focus of firms. To add to this, training individuals in this highly specialized and ever-changing tech space has also become a challenge.

In this virtual lunch and learn, three APAC HR industry leaders will meaningfully discuss how managers can build an effective workforce development strategy to attract and retain top fintech talents. They will also discuss the type of candidates they are looking for in the fintech space.

Key Discussions

  • Overview of the current connected competition for fintech talent in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Future of Work: Impact of new technologies and skills 4.0 and how to leverage these to stay competitive (both as a candidate and an employer)
  • Building an upskilling plan to build your workforce digital competencies
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend

  • Talents looking to future-proof their career in the financial services
  • Fintech managers looking to expand their team
  • L&D/OD Managers, Heads of HR, HR Directors & Managers
  • Prospective financial professionals staying ahead on the latest financial industry news

The event is finished.


Dec 08 - 09 2021


11:30 pm - 12:30 am

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