Made in Singapore: The Rise & Rise of HealthTech

We’ve assembled a panel of HeathTech experts who will share insights on the growth of HealthTech in Singapore.

This event is part of Made in Singapore 2021 is a two-week-long free virtual event series showcasing pioneers and dreamers reinventing the way we live, work, and play on our little red dot and beyond. Check out the rest of the series here.
Healthtech is one of the hottest sectors right now, whose growth has undeniably been propelled by the ongoing pandemic. In the past year, an array of healthtech services have surfaced in Singapore, from telehealth apps that connect patients with doctors, to systems that use artificial intelligence to generate insights about certain medical conditions.



Whatever your health concern is, there might already be a start-up (or two) dedicated to solve it. As such, it is important for us as a nation to understand the direction of HealthTech in our region and what healthcare will look like for the common man in the near future.

To help us navigate through this new and exciting world of HeathTech, we’ve assembled a panel of HeathTech experts who will share with us insights on the growth of HealthTech in Singapore, the role such firms and startups will play in the next phase of healthcare, how such companies have incorporated technology to improve the overall healthcare experience and what is the scope for expansion in the region for HealthTech as a whole.
Whether you are a healthcare professional or simply someone interested to know more about this, do join us as we discuss this hot topic that has grabbed the interest of many in recent times!

Our Panelists:

Grace Park | Co-Founder & President, DocDoc

Gillian Tee | Co-founder & CEO, Homage

Dr. Snehal Patel | CEO and Co-Founder, MyDoc

Xi Liu | Founder & CEO, Ferne Health

Seemant Jauhari | Partner, HealthXCapital

The event is finished.


Aug 18 2021


12:30 am - 1:30 am