Making Space More Accessible to Humanity

CEO, Jason Michaud, and CTO, Jawad El Houssine will discuss all things about space. There’s a chance to win a parabolic flight!



In this first workshop of the CIADI Professional Development Series, CEO, Jason Michaud, and CTO, Jawad El Houssine will be joining us to discuss all things about space with a focus on space accessibility, astronaut mental health, and how to join the space industry.

This workshop will be fully virtual, and completely free of charge.

About Stardust:

Stardust Technologies Inc. (Stardust) is a Canadian aerospace and technology social enterprise head quartered in Cochrane, Ontario with offices in Ottawa, Ontario. Stardust was founded in in 2014 with the goal to empower the future through innovative technologies, science, and space exploration, ultimately making space more accessible to humanity.

Stardust specializes in AI, XR, Robotics, and STEM education. Stardust as most recently worked in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council of Canada on the EDEN project creating a solution utilizing virtual reality, neural systems, haptics feedback in Lunar, Martian, and Micro gravity environments to help astronauts cope with their mental health during their time on the International Space Station, space habitats, and space exploration.

Stardust is a strong advocate for collaboration having established multiple international innovative projects with our partners at Beaverhouse First Nations, York University and Habitat Marte, to benefit humanity and forge a path towards a safe framework for space exploration.

Our team as recently announced our international collaboration with ispace, EXPLOR, and the University of Technology Sidney on a Lunar Resources Extraction Rover with Haptic Robotic Arm and Mixed Reality (XR) Functions that will land on the moon tentatively in 2024

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Oct 08 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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