Manufacturing 101 hosted by MakeGood

Demystify Manufacturing with MakeGood



Manufacturing 101 is an opportunity to gain insights into working with manufacturers. The 101 presentation and discussion will demystify manufacturing by explaining design and manufacturing jargon, sharing insights about building a supply chain, detailing what to organize for conversations with manufacturers, and providing resources to find regional manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing 101 is hosted by MakeGood and presented by MakeGood’s co-founders, Andrew Dahlgren and Kevin Chen.

About MakeGood:

MakeGood is a place for product developers and manufacturers to connect, share experiences, and discover stellar development partners in the region. MakeGood envision a thriving community of collaborative individuals and businesses learning, innovating, prototyping, manufacturing, selling goods, and creating opportunities that improve the livelihood of everyone involved.
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Aug 26 2021


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm