Manufacturing without Borders

How digital innovation is revolutionising local manufacturing within global markets



When it comes to manufacturing, digital innovation has changed the way companies think about what’s possible, from design to production and inspection.

“From our offices in rural Alnwick, MSP’s engineers install software globally to solve some of the most complex part problems in the world, to some of the most innovative manufacturers on the planet.
In March 2020, the whole world took a deep breath, evaluated their position, and stopped. Production lines stopped. And so did any innovation.

– So how did MSP cope with a tsunami of issues related to lockdown, plant closures and restricted movement of our engineers?

– How did we ultimately take stock and develop a strategy to see us through the turbulence of the pandemic and focus on where we really wanted to land?

– And how we can inspire the next generation of engineers to embrace automation, machine learning and augmented reality?”

In this latest of Sphere’s ‘In Conversation With…’ sessions, MSP’s Director of Development – Marianne Whitfield, will discuss how MSP has managed its way through the COVID-19 Crisis, how digital technologies have impacted on their resilience during that time, and how MSP is looking to develop a whole new talent pool that will drive innovation throughout North Northumberland in the future.

The event is finished.


Nov 26 2021


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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