Marscoin Expo 2021

Marscoin Expo 2021 is the first ever event dedicated to the Marscoin blockchain and the community surrounding it. Keynotes will be provided by Lennart Lopin, founder of Marscoin and James Burk, IT Director for the Mars Society and advisor to the project. We are conducting a call for additional speakers as well.



Topics include:

Marscoin Project Update

The Marscoin Experiment Platform

The Economics of Marscoin

Improving Marscoin Network With a Solar Satellite Constellation

A Proposal for a Land Registry on the Marscoin Blockchain

An innovative ongoing Marketing campaign for Marscoin

The role of consulting in the new space economy

Noumenia Process – A Framework for Marscoin (and Martian settlement)

An NFT marketplace for digital space assets

On the Importance of a Marscoin Army

Governing the Marscoin Blockchain

The event is finished.


Jun 26 2021


10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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