Measuring the Circular Economy – NICER Programme Seminar

NICER Programme National Seminar “Measuring the Circular Economy”



A key aim of the UK NICER programme is to evidence the benefits and opportunities for a future UK circular economy. Measuring the Circular Economy has been repeatedly ranked as the most important topic that the NICER community would like to have more data, access tools and latest research thinking and evidence. The topic itself is multi-dimensional.

This event will therefore be the first of several on the theme of Measuring Circular Economy. The first event will focus on the challenge of measuring CE at scale – in terms of National economy and value chain and what are the potential system level interventions, metrics and indicators to guide action, outcome and impact evaluation.

The discussion and outputs from the event will form an important input into the NICER CE-Hub CE-Data observatory and knowledge platform.
The agenda is structured to bring out latest thinking on: 

Macro tools such as Multi-regional Input output and macro-economic tools to model CE material stocks and flows within  international/national economy as a basis for scenario assessment, policy intervention  and scale 

Value chain modelling and visualisation to provide a picture of whole systems,  actors, process and drivers anchored in economic activities for production and consumption for products and services at different scales and geographical scope  

Future events will focus on linked measurement challenges including social impacts, natural capital, product specific metrics and indicators and urban scale, cross resource flow measurement.

The event is finished.


Oct 15 2021


9:00 am - 11:30 am

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