MedLabs InnoTalk: Hospital and Clinical Management – Leaders of Change in Tech

Join us on Tuesday, August 10 to dive into different barriers and innovations in healthcare management and how technology comes into play.



Contemporary hospital care is confronted by fiscal constraints, changing patients expectations and demands, increasing demands for access to care, a mandate to improve patient centered care, and issues concerned with levels of quality and safety of health care. The importance of effective hospital and clinical leadership in ensuring a high quality health care system has been reiterated that it is critical to achieving and sustaining improvements to care quality and patient satisfaction. Entrepreneurial leadership is needed to promote innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactivity to improve and transform today’s healthcare system.

What problems are current healthcare industries are facing and how are they planning to solve them? What technology and developments are being used by the industries, and how effective are they? How to ensure the effectiveness of innovative concepts and technologies?

For our next episode of InnoTalk Series, we invited Ben Frank, the Co-founder and CEO at 3AIM Partners, LLC. Ben has 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector serving on Boards, leading organizations as CEO/President/System COO among other senior positions. This Webinar will focus on sharing Ben’s experiences in the healthcare sector, current events, and looking forward to where the industry is headed.

Here is what you will learn:

An overview of current landscape

Challenges and problems that healthcare systems are facing

Trending healthcare technologies and how they can be used by industries to tackle challenges

How healthcare startups are challenged to provide solutions utilizing the technology available to them

How to become an effective leader or entrepreneur working to enact change in health care management and beyond

All attendees will participate in an interactive Q&A session.

About MedLabs InnoTalk Series

MedLabs InnoTalk Series gives MedLabs Accelerator and community direct contact with the top trends and ideas in the healthcare industry and with people who are leading the innovations in healthcare investment, entrepreneurship, and research. The series events are open to the public for free, with invitations sent to all our members, mentors, and corporate partners.

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Aug 10 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm