Meet the businesses leading the sustainable cleaning revolution (clean tech)

Join us for a new instalment of our webinar series to find out how commercial cleaning is experiencing a sustainable revolution.

Commercial cleaning has been hugely impacted by Covid-19, with an increase in the use of processes and products that have a detrimental environmental impact by contributing to single use plastic waste, increasing carbon emissions and chemical waste.

But there is a more sustainable way to clean at a commercial scale… Hive Cleaning, a commercial cleaning company based in London, is one such business that is on a mission to clean sustainably and aims to be one of the first carbon net zero cleaning companies in the industry.



Join us for a new instalment of our lunchtime webinar series hosted by Steve Courtney from Robert Scott. Steve will be joined by Louis Beaumont, managing director at Hive Cleaning, and Marc Kemp from cleaning distributor Futures Supplies.

The panel will discuss the changes faced by cleaning companies and how innovation and sustainable technology can reduce your carbon footprint and support business development as more companies examine the sustainability of their supply chains.

The session will cover:

• Hive Cleaning’s approach to sustainability
• A shift in product demand and buying behaviours
• Introducing Toucan Eco, HOCl and how it works
• How Hive Cleaning is using Toucan Eco at a commercial scale
• Audience Q&A

The event is finished.


Aug 12 2021


7:15 am - 8:00 am