Metaverse or Reality? Reimagining entrepreneurship & innovation as avatars.

‘Metaverse or Reality? Reimagining entrepreneurship and innovation as avatars: the intersection of art and science for creative sense making



I am an artist, serial entrepreneur, business behavioural scientist, executive, parent, educator, and generalist. My insights into motivational research and creative aspects of organizational systems have won global tributes as well as commercial success for the businesses I have worked with, including contributing to quantum physics journals in Europe and collaborating on large scale transformations.

As a leadership consultant my artistic awareness has had a profound influence on brands and reputation in the fields of cultural and organizational excellence, particularly Fortune 100 companies and indigenous communities.

A tri-lingual (English, French, Persian) polymath, I hold a master’s degree in Human Systems, a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and Philosophy, a SMART certification in Mindfulness, a PREVICAP certificate in the bio-psycho-social aspects of healthy workplaces, a Certified Professional Facilitator designation from the International Association of Facilitators, a PROSCI change management certification and now, a Fellow of The Lunar Society. I am fascinated by the psychology of marketing, theoretical physics, art history, science fiction, cultural anthropology, and the impact of technology on human civilizations.

A visual artist with solo exhibitions in Canada about the Moon, I collaborate with leaders around the globe to spark radical innovation as an industry-agnostic subject matter expert in education, leadership, change, creativity, and complexity. I believe in iterative-generative processes that foster eco-system intelligence and strategic foresight with a focus on tech adoption, user-interface design, and compassionate co-design.

My work on systemic innovation includes the development of human potential and transformational leadership training. I incorporate research from neuroscience, social psychology, consciousness, quantum physics and futurism in my practice. I have a global following and deliver keynote speeches on the motivational aspects of human behaviour, psychic avatars, narratives, and human potential in organizational development with insights into culturally diverse, multi-generational human relationships. I am passionate about the evolution of humanity and the purpose driven way children encounter courage, holding sacred space for play and seeking harmony in any environment.

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Nov 25 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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