Mind Hack! Crossing the Chasm with The MOMENT (film screening and Q&A exploring our cognitive future with biological technology)

A Q&A and screening of Richard Ramchurn’s near future brain controlled film, exploring our cognitive future with biological technology.

Cognitive Sensations is excited to announce our closing event for The Downloadable Brain, previewing a live performance of The MOMENT — a brain controlled film by artist and researcher Richard Ramchurn. Audiences will learn how different states of the mind can be manipulated and immersed through connection with technology, unveiled through a Q&A between Ramchurn and historian of science Flora Lysen.




As a filmmaker, Ramchurn is fascinated by the physiological relationship between a viewer and the construction of a film. By applying experimental editing approaches with EEG technologies, he connects viewer and film via a direct neural feedback loop, exploring the influence of new media on one’s cognition and perception.
Ramchurn’s near-future sci-fi film depicts a perfect distributed network, connecting the minds of society through neural lace technology. It questions what would happen if a person was to become cognitively disconnected, a node broken free, rejected from the societal network. The film will be accompanied by musicians Scrubber Fox and Hallvarður Ásgeirsson who will be performing together live from Manchester and Iceland.

This artwork offers a thoughtful and immersive pathway into the themes behind The Downloadable Brain. It embodies the cognitive connection between man and machine through its techno-bio construction, taking this one step further through its narrative which centralises these technologies socially.

Event Schedule

7:30pm – Introduction
7:40pm – The MOMENT – Performance A
8:10pm – Q&A exploring neurocinematics, surveillance and psychological experience.
8:30pm – The MOMENT – Performance B
9pm – Q&A reflecting upon sci-fi narratives, speculative fiction and art as a critical method of societal technological tools.

Artist Bios

Flora Lysen is a historian of science fascinated by the circulation of scientific images and stories about new research discoveries. How do researchers think new media might be changing our bodies and brains? Can AI help human eyes to see more in medical images? Analysing the past and present of such narratives helps to understand how current debates about emerging technologies take shape.

Flora works as a researcher at the Science and Technology Studies research group (MUSTS) at Maastricht University, investigating the history of artificial intelligence in image-based medicine. She also works as a tutor at the fine arts MA “F for Fact” at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, a program examining alternative facts, speculative fiction and imagined pasts and futures. Her monograph “Brainmedia: One Hundred Years of Performing Live Brains, 1920-2020,” a book about mediating the human brain in and beyond the laboratory, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury.

Richard Ramchurn is a practising artist and researcher working across the mediums of VR, film and digital technology and is the Artistic Director at AlbinoMosquito. Ramchurn’s award winning doctoral work on Brain-Controlled Cinema developed taxonomies of control, from viewers’ physiological data to interacting with real time cinematic techniques. Through the development of algorithms based on neuroscientific, film and audience studies theory, his research employed semi and unconscious physiological responses as control methods for individuals and groups. Ramchurn is currently overseeing a research project at The University of Nottingham, exploring ethical approaches to emotion recognition for adaptive interactive films.

The event is finished.


Jul 29 2021


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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