Minting the Medium: adding NFTs to your creative practice

NFTs have made headlines in the past few months as conversations centered on their theoretical value continue to grab the public attention, but is that the only benefit to artists?

Join ONE / OFF’s founder Herman Marigny in conversation with artists Ameer “Sirsu” Carter and Craig Blackmoore as they discuss NFTs and their impact as both a technology and artistic medium.

The artist will also give insight about their experience experimenting and innovating with NFTs, and share critical resources that have been helpful in their journey navigating the space.



Artist Bio: Craig Blackmoore is a Digital Artist, Blockchain Enthusiast, Musician, Gemologist, and Metaverse Explorer with a passion for creating new multisensory experiences that can enhance our collective reality. The Blackmoore GiGA Project is an imagination hub designed to present new creative experiences in Crypto Art, Virtual Reality experiences, Alternate Reality experiences, and Physical Prints and Publications. It’sIt’s the gateway to the Blackmoore Metaverse.⁣⁣

Artist Bio: Ameer “Sirsu” Suhayb Carter is a multi-disciplinary designer that has been instrumental in large, international, multimedia ad campaigns, startup, and Fortune 100 app launches, groundbreaking social innovation design, experimental fashion, and exhibition art. He’s passionate about policy, visual journalism, social design, volunteering, and entrepreneurship.⁣⁣

Speak Bio: Herman Marigny IV is a mission-driven strategist dedicated to leveraging the power of cultural creativity, business model design, and technology to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainability of cultural institutions. Herman believes blockchain technology will continue to have an enormous impact on the creative economy, so he founded ONE / OFF to encourage Black artists, collectors, and investors to get involved in the space and build a network of support.

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Aug 11 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm