Misinformation & Disinformation: The Problems and Possible Solutions

How can we use technology to identify, reduce, and fight misinformation and disinformation?




This is a hybrid event that will take place virtually via Zoom and in-person.

Misinformation and disinformation have been around as long as people have been seeking to create gains and advantages for themselves and their interests. However, technologies including the web, smartphones, and social media platforms have greatly augmented the potential for creating and spreading misinformation and the effectiveness of organized disinformation campaigns. It has become increasingly difficult to determine the accuracy and authenticity of many kinds of information, making it much easier to spread inaccurate, inauthentic content accidentally or unintentionally. This can create and exacerbate divisiveness, inflame passions and promote mistrust, and even lead to violent behaviors and deaths. How do we fix the technologies we have created to share information, and how can we use new technologies—coupled with education and with individual, societal, and corporate responsibility—to identify, reduce, and fight misinformation and disinformation? Can technology even be part of the solution? What should we all learn, do, and share to be part of the solution?

Join us in-person or on Zoom for this great conversation!

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Dec 07 2021


7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

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