MIT CEO Lu Zhang: Representing the Under-represented in Tech

【Her Story | 03】Lu Zhang: Represent the Under-represented



As the tech industry has become more critical to global economic development, women’s influence in the tech sector has also been rising. The MIT CEO HerStory Series aims to explore the power of Women at all levels in the field of science and technology. Our speakers include entrepreneurs with a strong innovative spirit, experienced front-line technology investors, and attractive industry leaders. They have profound technical and academic backgrounds, and they can make use of women’s unique meticulousness and tenacity to bring a different landscape and innovative perspective to the science and technology circle.

Coming from an engineering background, Lu started her own company at age 21, and raised $100 Million for her fund when she was 28 years old. This year, the total fund size is over $230 Million.

As a successful early-stage investor and serial entrepreneur, Lu is a strong advocate for diversity and equality. There are significantly fewer women founders, and only 2.3% of VC fundings went to women-led startups in 2020.

How did she overcome the obstacles as a female founder in Silicon Valley?

As a renowned investor and serial entrepreneur now, what is Lu’s investment philosophy, and how does she foster a more diverse startup ecosystem through her role as a thought leader?
Lu also serves as an advisor and mentor to multiple incubators and innovative programs in Silicon Valley. How does she explore and foresee new business models that could make a positive difference in the world?

It’s time for us to rethink the ways of unleashing the opportunities of startups and embrace the evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Are you ready to learn more about the philosophy of an innovative and impactful female leader and her stories behind the scenes?

We are honored to have Lu Zhang share her story with us.

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Aug 21 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm